An invasion is coming, but no one knows about it, yet. That is until Carter Kain, a 13-year old, very nosey, and not particularly good at his job, delivery boy, discovers evidence that leads to the whereabouts of his long thought dead parents. When the alien gangster Szel’zar learns about Carter’s discovery, he sends the assassin Kravlon to silence him. Carter, along with Gramps, and his cousin Sarah, start an adventure that will take them across the star system, and unsure of who they can trust. Narrowly escaping Kravlon, but at the expense of Gramp’s capture, Carter makes it to the Interstellar Union Corps, where he learns about his parents disappearance, and gains even more friends to save Gramps, his family, and just maybe the star system.
Cater Kain is a middle grade, sci-fi, action/adventure, graphic novel series written and illustrated by Nate Lovett. Carter Kain consists of three volumes, each approximately 200-250 pages in length. Sample pages lettered by Ian Nichols.

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