The Characters

Carter: 13-year-old Carter, longs for adventure, instead of just making deliveries for his Gramps. That sense of adventure often leads to trouble. Brash and impulsive, Carter acts first, and discovers the consequences later. This leads to butting heads with his cousin, the reserved and precise Sarah, quite often.
Sarah: 17-year-old Sarah is a master mechanic. When she’s not keeping machines in running order, she’s dealing with the annoyance that is Carter. Being organized and patient, are not the easiest things to maintain when her cousin is around.
Gramps: Gramps is a saint. The level of calm and patience that he has, dealing with Carter and Sarah is to be commended. It helps that he’s raised them both since they were young and knows exactly how to handle each of them. His old military training helps a bit too.
Git-C: The Tech wizard, hacker, Girl-in-the-chair, young woman known as Git-C is as cool and collected as they come. While not a fan of authority, she does whatever she can to help Carter and his family.
Jack and Ash Kain: Carter’s parents, disappeared shortly after Carter was born, presumed dead.
Williams and TruBlud: Interstellar Union Corps agents, also friends and co-workers of Carter’s parents.
Szel’zar: Alien gangster from a different galaxy. Ready to make this galaxy his own.
Kravlon: Assassin/henchman working for Szel’zar. Secretly Jack Kain, deep undercover.
Averson: Dirty cop, works for Szel’zar, involved with Ash Kain’s disappearance.

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